It all started with a pitbull named, Gator. The muscle-bound pitbull featured on your favorite baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants, did not result from an advertising campaign. Inspiration for the mascot came from the adorable three-month old puppy named, Gator.

Gator was brought up in his owner's gym. Basking in the attention, he was often found nosing around in the gym bags of his favourite bodybuilders, searching out treats. In fact, patrons soon realized who really ran the gym, and began referring to it as "Gator's" and it wasn't long before the name was officially changed.

When the gym expanded to include its own line of clothing, it was only natural that Gator provided the "built tough image". Gator’s Gym Gear offers fitness apparel for your fitness needs like t-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, hooded tops and gym bags.

Gator's Gym Gear has earned a reputation for quality, comfort and style. As for Gator, success never went to his head.

Gator was still laid-back, wearing dark sunglasses when posing with champion bodybuilders. Gator had a long happy life. And just like the clothing bearing his name which is "Built Tough" and designed to last ...His spirit remains alive today to keep you pumped.

Today, Gators Gym is owned and operated by Sergio Bevilacqua in Surrey, British Columbia. The gym provides over 15 bootcamp classes, 6 days a week and also sells supplements, apparel, and equipment.