Sergio Bevilacqua

Sergio Bevilacqua is a former Canadian Olympic Weightlifting Champion and has been passionately involved in the fitness, training and nutrition industries from the 1980’s to present. Born and raised in Vancouver, he initially followed his passion with Olympic Weightlifting, competing in the late 70’s and early 80’s winning competitions both locally and abroad. Sergio won and placed in the BC Provincials, Western Canadian Championships and the Western Canada Games; and won the 1983 Canadian Weightlifting Championships in the 110kg category. 

The competitive weightlifting career provided many unique opportunities and from 1981-1982 Sergio went to Adelaide, South Australia where he met and trained with Dean Lukin. Sergio went on to win the 110kg category at the Canadian Championships in 1983. In 1984 Dean returned to Canada to train with Sergio for four months before going on to win the Olympic Gold medal in the Super heavy weight division in the 1984 Olympic Games.

In late 1983 Sergio sustained a knee injury and decided on leaving the sport as the Olympic dream he was chasing was no longer on the horizon. Once the competitions were done, his ambition had always been to own his own gym, so the search began. His long-term goal was brought to fruition when he purchased his first gym in Surrey, BC, called Surrey Fitness Centre. After the first year he decided to renovate the gym and took on the license from the world famous “Gold’s Gym“ in Venice, California.  It would stay a Gold’s Gym until 1987 when a new name and look was decided upon. This was the beginning of Gator’s Gym. 

At the time bodybuilding was all the rage, so Sergio took it upon himself to learn all of the aspects of this new sport, including getting into competition mode himself. It required him to study nutrition and all of the dynamics of getting lean, keeping symmetry and learning to pose, this opened up a whole new world.

In 1985, Sergio entered his first bodybuilding competition and won the Novice Light Heavy division and two weeks later not placing in the BC Provincial Championships and learned some things “not to do" again!  These two events sparked his interest in learning how the body can change so drastically through nutrition in such a short time.

After competing himself, Sergio threw all of his efforts into meeting the best of the best and learning everything he could from these elite bodybuilders from around the world. Sergio would start to promote Gator’s Gym very own bodybuilding shows for the local competitors and also bring in famous guest Bodybuilders to pose, educate and help better the members and fellow competitors.

Gator’s Gym has built a reputation based on integrity and quality over the years. Sergio is well known in the community and provides a challenging workout for both professional athletes and those aspiring to increase their fitness levels. He has worked with individuals and teams to build and exceed both mental and physical abilities and lead them to victory.

Sergio currently owns and operates his Gator’s Gym location in Cloverdale, BC using circuit training for over 15 group fitness classes 6 days per week. He selectively works with individuals and teams to increase their skill, strength and fitness levels. He has worked with diverse groups including hockey players; soccer players; football teams; and team building environments for the corporate world.

His passion is to work with those who are serious about fitness, training and nutrition. 

Dante Bevilacqua

Dante has been very involved and passionate about sports, health and fitness from a very young age. He played competitive level soccer and lacrosse for most of his life while also dabbling in other sports during high school like rugby, badminton, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee.

After high school, he started to get serious about weight training and nutrition. This taught him the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which inspired him to pursue his personal training certification.

In 2016, Dante was introduced to Crossfit and Olympic lifting, which has become his passion over the past few years. He is very fortunate to have met and been involved with so many different experts in various areas of the fitness industry, where he learned the importance of fitness, nutrition and the dedication required to improve both mental and physical health. 

Dante has gained knowledge about training and nutrition from his father as well as many other fitness professionals his father has connected with and built relationships with over the years.

  • ACE Personal Training Certification
  • Teaching Group fitness for 3 years
  • Currently playing a high level of adult men’s soccer
  • Trains and competes in Crossfit